Greenwood Dental Check-Up


Click here to see the Check-Up Appointment T&Cs for our Gold Coin Donation and $40 Cap the Gap Check-Up appointments.


Why don’t you offer No Gap Check-ups anymore?

Ever since we started here in 2012, we have provided our regular patients with No Gap Check-Up appointments.  Recently, two of the major health funds sent a letter to all provider dentists, stating that if they offered No Gap Check-Up appointments, they would not pay towards their members dental services.  It stated that this was unfair to those different levels of insurance.  We at Greenwood Dental disagree.  Dental coverage is only one part of health insurance as a whole, and we believe that providing lower out of pocket expense encourages regular visits, which in turn give our patients healthy teeth.

We have therefore decided to take only a gold coin gap payment, which we will donate to charity.

Which Charity will the money go to?

All money raised will be donated to one of several charitable organisations designed to provide dental treatment to the very poor, underprivileged, and orphans in countries like India, Africa and Vietnam.  For more information about some of these organisations, click the links below.

My health fund says I get a free Scale & Clean.  Can’t I just have a clean?

No, not at Greenwood Dental Surgery.  And here’s why.  Just having a clean does not mean your teeth are healthy, nor does it give us the time to thoroughly check your teeth and mouth.  Also, benefits paid by health funds to ancillary providers such as dentists, optometrists and physios have been decreasing over the past few years, despite them charging you much higher premiums.  Due to this decrease in benefits payments, it is not longer financially viable for us to do just a clean.